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Empowering Dr's to be more

What is > Dr?

We are a source of inspiration and encouragement for all doctors of today and tomorrow. All doctors have a wealth of knowledge and skills unrelated to medicine which ultimately makes them better doctors, so we do our part to reinforce the fact that they are more than just doctors. 

What do we do?

We work through the strength of our community to help improve the well being of all members.

We talk and we listen

Often, all that someone needs is someone to talk to. Members of the community come from all walks of life, and we believe that by talking to others who are in the same situation as yourself, or has experiences can help you not just overcome problems, but also realise your full potential.

We encourage networking

Having a strong network of people can give you insight, resources and knowledge that you would find difficult if not impossible to own by yourself. Therefore we encourage all members to be proud of their skill sets and let the community know what they are good at so they can connect with each other and assist each other in a variety of ways

We help weigh up decisions

Through the combined strength of the network and career coach members, we help you discover answers not just to questions or concerns you have, but also answer questions you never even knew you had! This is done by sharing knowledge and learning from others by making connections with members of the community.
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